wtorek, 10 maja 2011


I know, I know, I'm too haughty, but I won in the competition and I'm very, very happy! Under my scribble, you can perceive my REALLY SERIOUS COMIC. It's about boys from high school, who are looking at the sign of chameleon, and they realise, that they had seen him earlier in their town- Zgierz (that was the place of the manager of the contest). The boy with a match talks, he had some friend, who had gone one day to the high school and returned as a girl- he tells, fellow was a chameleon too. It's known, this mate was the second, overwight boy, who says to the readers, it's impossible. This pal is him in real. Guy with a match shouts that the fat boy can change his image quickly in this case. Then, on the page appeared charming girl, who says to boys, the chameleon is a logo of  association from house of a culture in Zgierz town. Boys sums up, that it's indeed nice logo... You know, what I mean ;).