środa, 29 września 2010

Rabbit can't live in work only/ Nie samą pracą królik żyje


This is my old comic. I created it one and a half ago and today I know, I shall do it better. I used Bugs Bunny and Daffy characters and finished result is quite good. There is a Polish text, so I told you what is it talking about. Duck wants to bother Bugs in his paper works. He knows, rabbit likes ladies and tell him he will find some girl, who will dissuade him. But Bugs is convinced of his superiority. He calls miss bunny, which is Lola and his secretary in one person. Bugs says to Daffy, he doesn't want to leave work for another girl in this case. Daffy is furious. That was a triptich in assumption and this is his second part, but in real I never did others parts. I hope, in future, I will finish it. Enjoy your... comic!

Roe-deer/ Sarenka

Good evening folks!

My mother told me I must practice my skills at drawing from nature. This is my six picture from nature, which I've ever draw in all my life. My mum said it's too sleek and I think she's right. But I'm not worry. I drew it from the base-plate, which was in 3D. So this is almost from nature :).  So long!