wtorek, 7 grudnia 2010

First adventure with cat and mouse/ Pierwsza przygoda z kotem i myszą

Good morning everybodies!

This is my first using Tom and Jerry characters in comic, but I'm preparing a new one, so don't worry :). In the little circle, there ought to be "The end", but I didn't put it, because, it will be "Koniec" (in polish) too. I suppose it doesn't matter what kind of language there will be.
   I'm giving pictures of my drawings here, but I don't know if you like it! (Or no...). So please, start comment them, okay? Oh, I'm afraid you will keep silence...

Your Liwia  

sobota, 20 listopada 2010

Illustrations to books/ Ilustracje książkowe

Hi folks!

Lately, I try drawing pictures to some books, which I read. Three weeks ago I was reading "Balladyna".This drama was wrote by Juliusz Słowacki, the great Polish poet. I like this so much, so I drew an illustration. And I'm proud for it myself :). The next picture is from Lew Tołstoj's novel- Anna Karenina. In Poland we have radio- play  in one of the channels. That's moved story. I borrow this book from library. The next case what I wanted to say is: THANK YOU, PEOPLE FROM CHILE! This is the country, where live most of readers of my blog. That's very kind of you ;).

środa, 29 września 2010

Rabbit can't live in work only/ Nie samą pracą królik żyje


This is my old comic. I created it one and a half ago and today I know, I shall do it better. I used Bugs Bunny and Daffy characters and finished result is quite good. There is a Polish text, so I told you what is it talking about. Duck wants to bother Bugs in his paper works. He knows, rabbit likes ladies and tell him he will find some girl, who will dissuade him. But Bugs is convinced of his superiority. He calls miss bunny, which is Lola and his secretary in one person. Bugs says to Daffy, he doesn't want to leave work for another girl in this case. Daffy is furious. That was a triptich in assumption and this is his second part, but in real I never did others parts. I hope, in future, I will finish it. Enjoy your... comic!

Roe-deer/ Sarenka

Good evening folks!

My mother told me I must practice my skills at drawing from nature. This is my six picture from nature, which I've ever draw in all my life. My mum said it's too sleek and I think she's right. But I'm not worry. I drew it from the base-plate, which was in 3D. So this is almost from nature :).  So long!

poniedziałek, 16 sierpnia 2010

Red riding hood/ Czerwony kapturek


I was looking at my old drawings and I found two pictures of red riding hood. These ilustrations were in book of brothers' grimm stories. In original drawing by Anne Graham-Johnstone. They are nice, so one year and a half ago I drew it on my own. I know, I only copied them, but I think every beginner should learn in this way- redrawing his (or her) masters' works. I hope, you will like it.

piątek, 23 lipca 2010

The bikes' town/ Rowerowe miasteczko


My name is Liwia. I decided to write this blog in English language because the wider group of the readers. I am from Poland and I'm proud of this, but... there's nothing easy to live here. My dream is to be director of animation and comic creator. Unfortunately, in my country there is no use to producting cartoons or reading comics, so probably I shall be searching work abroad. I indeed love drawing cartoons! It's something, which I really love and I don't imagine my world without this.

In my first post, I'm gonna show you my last work. I sent it to the competition. The title of comic is "Rowerowe miasteczko" (The bikes' town). I drew it on A3 paper, so it's big in original. I don't think it's so bad. Of course, there are lots of mistakes (and I forgot about shadows), but after all, I think it's nice piece of work for young girl like me. I'm only seventeen years old. There are no dialogs and any text, because it was one of the rules in the competition. And the title of all project had to be: Being with nature without collisions. Son and father are returning home. It's easy for son, but not for his dad. On the road appears a snail and father must wait till he'll go. When he disappears, daddy can ride by bike. At this time, son is in the apartment and he eats pancakes, which mum prepared earlier. Father is coming back to the block of flat when he has a little problem with his bicycle... and wall. At last, he enters to flat and says: 'hello!' to his family. Suddenly, he hears strange noise. On the plant, there is the same snail, which he met in a park! Why? It's a secret. Now wish me luck in my next works!